Tutor Tuesdays en Español – I have a lot of fun swimming in the lake

Video in Tutor Tuesdays en Español

Tutor Tuesdays en Español is where we will help you learn how to speak some basic Spanish sentences together each week. There is no better time to learn Spanish then NOW!

We encourage you to open your child’s mind to language with our fun series that focuses on teaching age appropriate sentences that they can use every day.
Find it a bit tricky for your child? Head over to our Saturdays en Español where we use a simpler form of teaching.
This series is also great for teachers as a resource to open your students mind’s to a new language, in a fun way!

This week we learn how to say “I have a lot of fun swimming in the lake.”

Don’t forget to practice this week and come back next Tuesday for a new sentence!



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