Movin’ Mondays – Fitness Rant

Video in Movin' Mondays

In this episode of Movin’ Mondays, host Thamo chats about getting eye twitches when she see’s other fitness professionals NOT doing what is in the best interest of their post-natal clients bodies AND the baby’s those clients are carrying!
From baby’s being shaken, to new moms being shamed into “getting their pre-baby body back” – there is NO place in our industry for this garbage.

This is NOT about shaming those instructors, it is fully about education and holding each other accountable.
Just because you did a fitness class WITHOUT babe on, does NOT mean that you should do it WITH babe on.
AND, respecting a new moms renewing body is the ONLY way fitness should be conducted. “Push yourself to your extreme” or “get that pre-baby body back” should never, EVER be a part of the conversation.



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