Know Mama Grow Mama – The 4 Aspects of Health

Video in Know Mama, Grow Mama

In this episode of Know Mama Grow Mama, host Jennifer Matthews chats with Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Ana Freire, the 4 Aspects of Health.
What does that even mean??!!! It means that in order to aim for optimal health and wellness (no that does not mean cutting out treats entirely) there are 4 key areas we need to be aware of with our health. Dr Ana also addresses easy things to implement, in each of these four areas, to grow in our health.

Dr Ana brings a unique and powerful expert opinion to our Know Mama Grow Mama series. As a previously trained medical Doctor who found that she was unable to provide care for her clients the way she had always envisioned, Dr Ana went back to school to become a Naturopathic Dr. Understanding BOTH sides of the medical field, she now practices as a regulated Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario.
Dr Ana can be found on Facebook and Instagram @dranaraquelnd
as well as in clinic: In Good Hands Wellness, Brampton, ON, CAN 905-453-5858



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