Slower Groove for Hips to SHAKE & MOVE!

With all of the fun, authenticity and safety that we are known for here at Salsa Babies™, Salsa Seniorita’s™ was designed for those who are passed their baby days, but still want to move to the Latin Beat!

If you’ve ever looked at our Salsa Babies classes and thought “I WISH that was around when I had my kids!” then this class is for you!

As always, renowned Latin Artist Ricky Franco is back, creating all of our original music for class. Whether it is our vintage Cuban songs or our up-tempo and fun Salsa and Merengue beats, Ricky always keeps our participants in mind with his work!

A great workout that is fun!

Salsa Seniorita’s™ offers a great workout, a chance to experience a new style of dance, and an opportunity to “leave it all on the dancefloor”! Our classes are also a great place to meet new people and a place where you will always have a good laugh!

Not to mention, it’s perfect for people who have always wanted to learn to dance, but could never convince their partner to take lessons!

A workout designed to be safe for those more senior Seniorita’s!

Salsa Babies™ works diligently to ensure the safety of our programs for all of our participants.

Seniors with mobility challenges deserve the same level of fun and authenticity as well as the benefits of regular exercise, so we created a specific Seniorita’s program just for care facilities/nursing homes/recreation programs that serve our more senior Seniorita’s!

With multiple Senior Fitness Instructor trainings under our belt, directly from the world-renowned Canadian Centre for Aging, our program is guaranteed to be safe for our participants, but also progressive to ensure that mobility and strength are a focus of each class….without sacrificing the music and those great experiences that our classes are known for.

Tina M

 “Where has this been all my life!”

“ I knew as soon as I saw the ad for the Seniorita’s program that it was something I HAD sign up for. I tried other Latin dance type programs and they were not great – either too fast, too much complicated footwork, or nothing even resembling real Latin Dance. I have never been a great dancer but I can keep the beat and I love music and moving. I love to learn and try new things, and this is by far, the only Seniors dance fitness program I would recommend”

Not sure if Salsa Seniorita’s™ is for you? Come and have a FREE trial a class before registering. We are sure you are going to love it!

Frequent Questions

I am really not sure I can do this...

If you love to dance and move and you are looking for a great way to stay active and build some new skills, then you will LOVE the program. Our programs do not require any dance or fitness experience and are designed with YOU having fun in mind….we guarantee you’ll love it!

Is there an age limit? Or minimum?

Because we have 2 distinctly different programs available, there isn’t really an age limit – AND all levels of mobility are welcome!
You will find that our standard Senioritas program is great for even up-and-coming Senioritas ( have a teenager and want to do the program together? Perfect!)
Our Seniorita’s at Home program is designed specifically to meet the needs of those in care facility’s who may or may not need to use mobility aids.

What do I need to bring to class?

It is best to come to class prepared to move around. Comfy clothes, running shoes, or if you have them, dance sneakers work well. It is strongly recommended to bring a bottle of water for yourself.
If you have any mobility aids you need to use for stability please also bring these.
While we can use chairs or other stability assists (barres on the wall), you may feel comfortable with your own aids also.

Is this class safe for me? Safe for my resident?

Most definitely!
In fact we believe SO heavily in the safety component of our program that we invested heavily in multiple Seniors Fitness training programs for our course developers to ensure we didn’t miss a thing.
As well, each class Instructor must achieve a 90% pass rate on their training, which is heavily focused on working with and moving with seniors in a fitness and dance capacity.

I have two left feet! Can I still do the class?

Yes! Most people who take the class have never danced Salsa before, and many have no dance experience at all. We break the steps down so that anyone can join, and we review the basics each class. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not about perfection, but getting moving, enjoying the music and having fun!
Want to add even more fun to your night? Bring a friend and make a night of it together!

Do I have to be in shape to take the class?

Salsa Seniorita’s classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. We know that some participants are in excellent shape, whereas others may have health or mobility challenges. You can participate at your own pace. We teach a basic program and offer adaptations for those looking to increase the intensity.

What if I have to miss a class?

Salsa Babies understands that it is not always possible to attend and entire session of classes….life is busy and there is a lot of fun to be had! Therefore, we offer one (1) make-up class per session to accommodate for missed classes. This class can be used during the subsequent session or at another location. We aim to be flexible, so please speak with your instructor if you have any questions.