Our Salsa Kids In Schools™ was specifically designed to teach the basics of Latin dance with a fun Salsa Beat! Appropriate for Grades 1-8.

Fun, Dance & Curriculum come together in this NEW program!

In each 6 week session, our instructors cover fun
and authentic Latin dance steps, in an age appropriate manner.

We introduce children to some basic partnering, in addition to the basic steps.

Yes! Even in Grade 1, we dance with partners!


Not sure if Salsa Kids In Schools™ would work in your facility? Connect with an instructor in your area to enquire about a demonstration.

Frequent Questions

Is this program appropriate for children?

Definately! Our company is known for offering quality, fun and authentic programming. If we weren’t 100% sure that this program would work in YOUR school, we wouldn’t offer it!

This program is designed for children in grades 1 to 8.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program depends on a number of factors, from how many classes you want us to teach, how long the session is, though you can rest assured that the cost will be competitive for your area.
. It is best to contact an instructor in your area about specific pricing.
Typically schools will pay for a portion, parents will pay for a portion and/or parent council may fundraise – so that the cost is low and manageable for everyone!

How do I know that it will meet my Dance Curriculum Expectations?

We have worked closely with school officials in many areas, to ensure that our program covers as many aspects of your Dance Curriculum as possible.
This program has been running for 6+ years in many, many schools and the vast majority of these schools come back year after year, because of the quality of our program.