Salsa Bellies™ is a great way to stay active and feel sexy throughout pregnancy. Expectant moms will enjoy a low-impact yet lively Latin dance class.

 A one-of-a-kind workout!

Sway your hips and celebrate your “bump” in this low-impact yet lively dance class. A great way to stay active and feel sexy throughout pregnancy, you’ll meet other moms-to-be and enjoy comparing notes about the journey of motherhood.

Specifically designed with prenatal considerations in mind, the class includes a warm-up and instruction of basic Latin dance steps followed by floor exercises to help prepare the body, mind, and spirit for labour and delivery. Gentle rocking helps create an association between movement, music and a happy Mama. Don’t be surprised if baby’s first words are “Cha-Cha-Cha”! All levels of fitness and dance experience are welcome.

A great workout that is safe!

Salsa Bellies™ works diligently to ensure the safety of our programs for all of our participants. Our program was developed by working hand in hand with one of the top Canadian pre/postnatal fitness certification providers. Our instructors are required to go through our lengthy and thorough Certification program. We have our program scrutinized yearly for safety and industry changes.

Life with a baby can get expensive

yet keeping active is SO important for you and your baby’s health.
We can help with BOTH of those things!

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Frequent Questions

Is this class safe for me to do while pregnant?

Most definitely! We worked hand in hand with one of the top pre-natal/post-natal fitness certification providers in Canada to create this program. Wanting to ensure we always stayed up to date, in 2018 Salsa Babies Ltd purchased THE leading Canadian Pre/Post-natal Fitness Instructor Certification Company so our instructors had the best training. We worked hard to develop a very in-depth and precise pre-natal manual which our instructors are required to learn and be tested upon. Our program and material is also scrutinized each year to ensure its continued safety and adherence to industry standards.

What do I need to bring to class?

It is best to come to class prepared to move around and be physically active. Comfy clothes, running shoes or dance shoes, and definitely at least 1 bottle of water. Moms are encouraged to stay very hydrated before, during and after class, so a couple bottles of water is a great idea.

What if I have to miss a class?

Salsa Bellies understands that it is not always possible to get out the door on time and we’ve all had those rough nights and last-minute trips to the doctor. Therefore, we offer one (1) make-up class per session to accommodate for missed classes. This class can be used during the subsequent session or at another location. We aim to be flexible, so please speak with your instructor if you have any questions.

I have two left feet! Can I still do the class?

Yes! Most people who take the class have never danced Salsa before, and many have no dance experience at all. We break the steps down so that anyone can join, and we review the basics each class. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s not about perfection, but getting moving, enjoying the music and having fun!

Do I have to be in shape to take the class?

Salsa Bellies classes are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. We know that some expectant moms are in excellent shape, whereas others may need to ease into physical activity at their own pace. We teach a basic program and offer adaptations for those looking to increase the intensity.

Is your class safe for all expectant moms?

In most cases, yes. We do require that each expectant mom have permission from their prenatal health care provider. There are some high-risk pregnancy related conditions that may not allow a mom to participate, on advice from a health care provider. If you are unsure, always check in with your health care provider.