Why Being Part of a “Mom Community” Matters

Mom groups or Mom Facebook groups can sometimes get a bad rap, but they are definitely needed. Facebook has made it easier (despite what some claim) to connect with so many people you may have never met before.

Now that isn’t to say that there are groups to avoid.

I have been part of my fair share where there is inappropriate content (taking drugs, knowingly misleading others on local businesses, children being removed from the home on a regular basis, drunken binges with kids watching) – (shudder) or the stereotypical “mom wars” groups where mutual respect was rarely apparent and many found it entertaining to watch the fighting.

As soon as you stumble upon those groups, you should run in the other direction – they will never change. Even if you are a Mother Teresa and want to heal all, you should still run. I had it in my mind that I was going to try to be an inspiration to want better and do better, in one of these groups, and it ended up backfiring.

But there are some fantastic mom groups out there and you should take the time to find them and enjoy being part of such a group.

The benefits may surprise you!

Those groups will inevitably be filled with all kinds of moms with different experiences and knowledge bases.

Having a group to bounce things off of or turn to for support is a wonderful thing for a new or “returning” mom! Sometimes it is easy to feel lost in this ‘new world’.

Maybe you are looking to buy a baby carrier (or another baby carrier;)? Having a group to turn to and ask for recommendations (some even have lending libraries where you can try on all kinds of carriers) is a great resource.

Maybe you are struggling with nursing or introducing solids? Having a group of experienced mamas to ask advice from can be a time saver.

Are there any limits to the support from a mom group?
We actually, in my opinion, yes!

It drives me nuts when I see posts like ” Help mamas! My son has a rash all over his body with a fever. Is it a virus? Something else? Should I take him to the hospital or give him a cold bath?”

While it is very handy to have a group of experienced mamas to turn to, when it comes to serious medical issues, there advice of a moms group should NEVER supersede common sense and medical help.

So if you’re NEW to “our world” and our “mom community”….welcome! We are here to help you, support you and be a listening ear if you need us.

In return we just ask that we are all respectful of each others experiences, choices and needs.

These are important rules to live by in any moms group!

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