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If you love to dance, have fun, want to build a profitable business and spend time with your family, then Salsa Babies™ may be the perfect career for you!

Why become a Salsa Babies Licensee?

In becoming a Salsa Babies Licensee, you will benefit from and established and proven program, and the branding and positive reputation Salsa Babies has established since 2002. With 5 separate and distinct programs and markets, income is always available to generate.

At the same time you will be your own boss and have the autonomy to make decisions and set your schedule around your families’ needs as well.

Get tools to run your business

As a Salsa Babies Licensee, you will be provided with all advertising and class materials , an email address,  the ability to list and take registrations from our website for higher visibility and enrollment, our original music for use in your classes, full training for each program, ability to hire other Certified Instructors for all of our programs, monthly coaching calls and ongoing one on one support calls.

Learn About Licensing in 4 Simple Steps


Request an Information Package

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Ask Questions?

Once you read through our Licensing Package, we KNOW you will be excited by the opportunity. Take your time and ask us questions. We are an open book and are happy to answer any questions for you.


Schedule a Call

Every new Licensee who comes on board with our company must chat with our Chief Salsa Mama, Jennifer Matthews. During this chat, we can help you assess whether this opportunity is right for you, and of course if you are a fit for our company.



Now the fun begins as you dance your way into our Salsa family!

How much will it cost?

While we do have a base Licensing purchase price, the area size and demographics effect how much specific areas cost. The bigger the area, the more the Licensing cost ( the more money to be made!).

We do understand that many great potential Licensee’s will not have thousands of dollars to drop on the purchase of a License, so we have fantastic payment options ( no interest!)

Please contact us for a Licensee Information Package, which details our payment options and sign-on perks.

Run your Salsa Babies business on your own terms

Once you become a Licensee, you will have flexibility in determining the number of classes, class location, price and schedule. You also have the ability to hire other Certified instructors to facilitate full market saturation.

Your income depends on how ambitious you are, how many locations you open, and whether you hire instructors to assist your growth.

Get started on your journey to build a successful business as a Salsa Babies Licensee. Request your free Licensing Information Package today.

Frequent Questions

Is Licensing Available in MY area?

Licensing is available all around the world.
If you don’t see your city/town listed on our website, chances are REALLY good that it is available for purchase. Please contact us if you aren’t sure if your area is available for Licensing purchase.

Which regions are available for Licensing?

Our Licensing program is available world-wide.

The Locations listed on our website indicate areas which are already taken.
If you don’t see your city/town on our website, it likely is available for Licensing.

Please contact us if you are unsure about an area you are interested in.

What’s included in when I License?

* Instructor How-To manuals
* Music
* Ongoing support from Head Office,
* Live Online Trainings
* Training Videos and materials for EACH program
* Class outlines
* Health and safety guidelines
* Monthly Coaching Calls
* First Year Conference Fee’s
* First Year Insurance Coverage

How long does it take to become Certified in each program?

Because our training program has the benefit of being done all online, at your convenience, the length of time is really up to you. We ask that the exam and progress video be submitted within 30 days of purchasing the training materials. After that step, it is just a matter of you learning the entire course outline, becoming familiar with our music. We also recommend that you start advertising at that time, because it will take time for word to spread about your classes. A typical time period from the initial purchase of materials to instructing your first class is 2-3 months.

How can I contact you if I have a question?