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Instructor Certification Program

If you love to dance, have fun, work hard and spend time with your family, then Salsa Babies™ may be the perfect career for you!

Register to become an instructor or read below to learn about how you can enter the exciting world of Salsa Babies™…

Why become a Certified Instructor?

In becoming a certified Salsa Babies™ instructor, you will benefit from and established and proven program, and the branding and positive reputation Salsa Babies has established since 2002. As well, when you become a “member” you will have access to marketing and ongoing training materials to help keep your classes fresh.

At the same time you will be your own boss and have the autonomy to make decisions and set your schedule around your families’ needs as well.

Get tools to run your business

As a Certified Instructor in any of our programs, you will be provided with all advertising and class materials , an email address,  the ability to list and take registrations from our website for higher visibility and enrollment, our original music for use in your classes, new moves and videos.

Become a Certified Instructor in 4 steps


Join Training

Get access to online training program including Health & Safety Manual. Salsa Babies & Salsa Bellies Course fee: $275, Salsa Tots & Salsa Kids Course fee: $200.


Take Exam

Once you are comfortable with the training materials, you will write an exam online and submit a Progress video. 


Become a Member

After passing your exam and progress video, you will become a Member and have access to the membership site. Membership Fee: $300/year, per Certification. That works out to $25 a month and is a FANTASTIC value for you! 


Get Certified!

After your first 6-8 week session , you will submit one final full-class video. Certification will be granted upon approval of video submission.

Get started on your journey to become a Certified Instructor. Signup for our online training now.

Frequent Questions

Which regions are available for certification?

Our Certification program is available for instructors world-wide.
If you are outside of North America, you are free to join NOW.
We do not have any restrictions on which areas are available, outside of North America.

Please contact us if you are unsure about an area you are interested in.

What’s included in the online training packages?

* Instructor manual
* Music
* Exam
* Ongoing support from Head Office,
* Training Video
* Class outline
* Health and safety guidelines
* Baby-wearing information (Salsa Babies)

Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

Membership Fee’s are required for the use of our program and materials, for advertising classes on our website, for a corporate email address and for development of new materials and programming.
There are also used for advertising on behalf of all instructors.
These fee’s are mandatory. These will be paid on a yearly basis.

How long does it take to become a certified instructor?

Because our training program has the benefit of being done all online, at your convenience, the length of time is really up to you. We ask that the exam and progress video be submitted within 30 days of purchasing the training materials. After that step, it is just a matter of you learning the entire course outline, becoming familiar with our music. We also reccomend that you start advertising at that time, because it will take time for word to spread about your classes. A typical time period from the initial purchase of materials to instructing your first class is 2-3 months.

Do you offer live instructor classes (ie. not online)?

While we do not offer live instructor classes, we can certainly partner you with existing instructors in your area for feedback and assistance.

We feel that our program is quite well rounded, with lots of training materials and videos, that having the program solely online is not an issue.

We do offer LIVE monthly online training sessions, but they are to support our training program, not to teach the entire program.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the material, you are always free and encouraged to contact Head Office.

How can I contact you if I have a question?