Impending Mama Doom….. Summer Vacation

  1. By: Jennifer Matthews, Chief Salsa Mama – Salsa Babies Ltd

Well, that may be a bit extreme….but it is coming. Summer vacation….

Is this your first? Never experienced having your littles “home for summer vacation”?

Well, well, well…  (* insert devious laugh here!)

Summer vacation; the stuff that kids dream about and plan for all year. Melty Ice cream cones , park trips till exhaustion, family get-a-aways… summer over-load at it’s finest.

I have to admit, I spent my first “summer vacation” a bit shell-shocked and questioning my mommy skills.

I planned activities for most days of the week to “keep them busy”…. they fought anyways.

I planned a week of summer camp….they cried ( a LOT) wanting to just be at home. “Mom, I dont want to swim in the lake and have a bon-fire.  I just want to be with YOU”= parental kryptonite.

I planned trips to the splash pad which included a picnic and ice cream…..they got so exhausted they lost their marbles.

I planned days of free time and no structure….they fought and screamed and christened “Mom, I’m bored”, over and over and over and over.

I planned grandparent sleepovers…..I am still not sure who was ready for it all to be over first!

I planned “play-dates”…..I quickly realized that I am not that mom  ( sleepovers was a whole OTHER awakening for me!)

So with all of this planning I realized that I soooo wasn’t ready for summer vacation.

I am someone who needs a bit of time to myself mid-day to think….I am sure you can guess what happened to that,  on summer vacation.

I fought to keep it, they fought harder to get rid of it…..they won.

Trying to work from home over the summer? Ha! If you can figure out how to make that one work with little ones, fill me in. Thank goodness for my career path and its flexibility!

Keep the house clean? I reach for the stars hoping to hit “tidy”!

And when all was said and done, and we lost the planning, scheduling and rules of summer….I found one last bit of guilt.

Swinging in my hammock mid-afternoon, telling stories with my three littles, I thought of my hubby at his office.

Neither of us were quite sure who was better off that first summer!!

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