Choices… Why educating yourself on mom and baby classes is key!

Something to consider…

What makes a great mom & baby fitness class?

Is it how many new moms you meet?

Maybe it is how great the exercise is?

How close it is to your home?

The cost?

The memories you make with your baby?

How would you feel if I told you none of those things matter if you take a program with someone who is not trained to work with moms and babies under 1 year.

Every single day someone new opens up a mom & baby fitness class, with zero knowledge of what is safe for you and your little one. They look at existing programs and think ” I can do that and make it cheaper.”

They have no training as to what types of movements are safe for a post-natal mom. There are many things that may not be safe. More importantly they are not aware that some of the moves and steps they ask you to do are very unsafe, if not harmful, to your baby.

I just watched a video online, 2 days, ago that shows the instructor asking moms to jump with their babies in a carrier. I have also witnessed another dance-type class ask moms to do multiple quick spins while babywearing. Argh….

Now that you are sufficiently sickened, what can you do about it?

The first thing to remember is that just like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If a program costs on the higher end of the scale in your area, it is likely because the instructor is trained and/or certified in what they are teaching.

Take Fitmom fitness for instance. Andrea Page, owner of Fitmom, is one of the leading providers of pre/postnatal fitness and also has a certification program to train others.

Andrea’s instructors are highly skilled and certified and always have the latest recommendations. BUT her program cost’s also reflect this. You and your baby will receive top-notch training and neither your safety nor your baby’s will ever be at risk!

In the Canadian market, Fit4Two is another example of this. Highly trained & skilled instructors who provide safe and quality fitness, yoga & stroller classes.

The best advice we can offer, as this industry has no oversight, is to do your research.

Is the program run by a singular individual or is there a larger company behind it?

Does the person running the program have any certifications or education to support their program?

How long has the person been in business? If you find a great program, with a qualified person instructing, typically these are long lasting programs in your community, with great reputations.

Unfortunately in this industry there is no “governing body” to tell you which programs (and providers) are safe or not. There is no government agency that watches over to ensure moms can attend only qualified programs.

Do your research and trust your intuition. If you feel the instructor is doing something that is not safe for you or your baby, question them on it!

Families spend so much time researching the safest car seat, the safest stroller, the best crib…. add this to your list of priorities!

The old adage that “It is better to be safe than sorry” certainly speaks volumes here!

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