Our Story

Our story began in 2002 with a mom who struggled with the thought of returning to work full time, after having her first baby.

A thought we know that many have struggled with at some time or another!



One of those women was Jennifer.

In 2005, after the birth of her first daughter, Jennifer Matthews became an addicted member of a local Salsa Babies class! She just couldn’t get enough of how good she felt after the class even if she was exhausted. She made the decision then to ensure that Salsa Babies was an integral part of her life, by becoming a Certified Instructor and Licenced Owner.

Since then she has instructed all over Southern Ontario and independently built her Licenced area.


In 2013, Jennifer Matthews took the opportunity to take over the company

Salsa Babies is deep in her blood and she wants to continue to share the beauty of the classes with families world-wide. It is a thrill to hear how participants look forward to our classes and the difference that Salsa Babies makes in their lives. Moms are reminded of the importance of getting out, having fun and meeting friends, all the while bonding with baby and working out.

Together with her fantastic training team and her passionate Licensee’s and instructors, we all look forward to dancing with you!


Salsa Babies Philosophy

Its fiesta time and we’re celebrating motherhood and all that comes with it! Literally translated, “Salsa” is the Spanish word for “Sauce”. Like a spicy sauce, the recipe for Salsa music is a blend of various musical and cultural genres. Similarly, Salsa Babies® brings together women of varied backgrounds, each experiencing motherhood in her own unique way. Moms are encouraged to feel strong, sexy and beautiful on the inside and out. As a result, our classes offer a special flavor and richness unlike any other.


Mission Statement

Provide a unique and enjoyable dance experience in a safe, welcoming, and baby-friendly environment. We strive to offer high-quality, affordable programs and to form lasting, positive relationships in our communities. Salsa Babies operates under the values of kindness, honesty, compassion and respect.